• Chinese Gastronomy

    Real chinese food in the heart of Madrid

    Casa Lafu is a chinese restaurant located in the very center of Madrid. In Casa Lafu you will find the authentic taste of chinese food, with the finest quality ingredients and the best ellaboration.

    Our large menu of specialities and chef recommended dishes, as well as hot pot, will bring to your mouth the real sensation of a Chinese traditional restaurant.




    Chinese Gastronomy

    Todo el sabor

    de la cocina de Sichuán


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  • Casa Lafu's chef

     Our expert team of chefs leaded by Hao Chen has created a surprising collection of imaginative dishes, based on traditional Chinese cooking with homemade preparations and very old recipes. 

    So in our Menu you will find a long chapter of Specialties and Chef Recommended dishes, unique and delicious 

    Hao Chen has chosen a rich variety of Sichuan, hot spicy dishes, new tastes from Shanghai, preserved traditional vegetables and seafood, homemade pasta, fresh dismum made every day in our kitchen.  

  • Charming



  • A Chinese spot in Madrid

    We have created a relaxing Chinese ambiance, taking care of every detail. We want you to feel as transported to China seating in our salons, as if you were in a nice restaurant in Shanghai or in a small hotel of Sichuan. 

    All the elements, colors and spaces are designed to make you remember the beatuy of China 

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  • Horario / 营业时间 / Timetable

    De martes a jueves de  12:00 a 16:30/18:00 a 24:00 (Tusday to Thursday)
    Viernes de 12:00 a 24:30 (Friday)
    de 12:00 a 24:30 (Saturday)
    Domingo de 12:00 a 24:00 (Sunday)

    Lunes: cerrado por descanso / We close on Mondays

    周二至周四  12:00-16:30/18:00-24:00
    周六 12:00-24:30
    周日 12:00-24:00


  • Dirección / 地址 / Address

    Calle Flor Baja, 1 
    28013 MADRID
    junto a la Gran Vía 61 / Gran Via 61大街转弯就到

    订座热线 Teléfono de Reserva:  652734934